About Us


Qatar Foundation established Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) in 2006 as part of its ongoing commitment to establish Qatar as a knowledge-based economy. Qatar Foundation views research as essential to national and regional growth; as the means to diversify the nation’s economy, enhance educational offerings and develop areas that affect the community, such as health and environment.

Qatar National Research Fund aims to foster original, competitively selected research in engineering and technology, physical and life sciences, medicine, humanities, social sciences and the arts. In addition to funding, Qatar National Research Fund aims to encourage dialogue and partnerships

In response to the national needs of the State of Qatar, Qatar Foundation has set forth an ambitious vision of research and its benefits. Qatar Foundation envisions research as a catalyst for expanding and diversifying the country’s economy, enhancing the education of its citizens and the training of its workforce, and fostering improvements in the health, well-being, environment, and security of its own people and those of the region. In striving toward this vision, Qatar will distinguish itself within the region and world as a cosmopolitan nation that embraces scholarly excellence, innovation, creativity, inclusiveness and merit. The vision of Qatar National Research Fund is to enable research and development excellence in Qatar in order to achieve a knowledge-based economy.

The mission of Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) directly supports this vision:

“QNRF advances knowledge and education by providing funding opportunities for original competitively selected research and development at all levels and across all disciplines with emphasis on the four pillars of the Qatar National Research Strategy:

  • Energy and Environment
  • Computer Sciences and ICT
  • Health and life Sciences
  • Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

QNRF will provide opportunities for researchers at all levels, from students to professionals, whether in the academic, public   or private sectors.

Programs and projects funded by QNRF have the potential to generate multiple benefits for Qatar:

  • Research results will help to improve education and health, spur technological innovation and adoption, conserve vital natural assets, and create intellectual property.
  • Research-based education will place students in a discovery-oriented environment, expose them to the cutting edge of knowledge, and give them intellectual and problem-solving skills that will prepare them for leadership roles in business, government, the arts, and other sectors of life in Qatar.
  • A better-educated and well-trained work force of men and women will provide a strong foundation for a broader economic base and the growth of new enterprise in Qatar.